Tips for Finding an HVAC Repair Specialist


If your air conditioner suddenly stops working, what do you do? Panic? Try to fix it yourself? Truthfully, for a complicated system it's better to find an HVAC specialist to get your AC up and running again. There are a lot of factors that play into them that need a knowledgeable professional to fix.

Be Prepared -- When you call cooling specialists to find out if they can fix your problem you need to know what kind of system you have, how long it's been in the home, and what happened before it broke down.

Ask Around -- Your friends, family and co-workers are likely to know a cooling specialist that they prefer. Get a list from them and if you can find them, check out their websites to be sure they deal with your type of system. Not everyone works with every type of system, if they do, it's likely they won't be well versed on every single one since there are hundreds of different types of systems out there.

Meet Them -- Set up appointments with at least three of the names you liked after you got referred and checked out their websites. Be sure to ask everyone the same types of questions including asking for a written quote or bid on your repair or replacement needs. Sometimes you can ask for this on their website like on our home page. This is the way you can evaluate them all fairly and not get confused.  It's okay to have a list of questions and write down their answers, matching them with their bid.

Maintenance Agreements -- Many cooling specialists will offer something called a maintenance agreement. Ask each of them if they do provide such an agreement. This usually includes periodic checkups on your system at regular intervals which can help prevent problems from getting worse again. The cost of signing up for these services in advance is often a lot less expensive than only calling when there is an issue.

Ask for References -- Professional cooling specialists will have no problem providing you with a list of references that you can contact. These references should be former clients that needed similar work done as you. Once you get the references, really call them to ask them questions about the contractor. Ask them all if they'd use the same cooling specialist again or not.

untitled_designCheck the Facts -- If licenses were provided and proof of insurance was provided use that information to check up on these facts. Call the proper authorities to ensure that the cooling specialist really does carry the certifications, licenses and insurance they stated that they had. You should be able to get answers from your local Building Inspection and Licensing Department most of the time located at City Hall.


If you follow this advice you're sure to find an excellent cooling specialist to make sure that your home always stays cool during the hottest summer days.

Of course, the best defense against needing to find a reputable cooling specialist AFTER a break-down, is to prevent one from happening in the first place! Let our professional service technicians inspect your system and keep them in tip-top shape! That way, you’ll NEVER need to play hide-and-seek while searching for a repair person. One way to stay on top of those inspections is with the maintenance agreement as mentioned above. Be sure to ask about that when we chat. You can also learn more about the importance of a maintenance agreement here.

Just don’t sweat it out too long, we can help you get cooled off again quick as a hare.