Is Your Yard Pet Friendly?

Back in early 2019, the National Association of Landscape Professionals conducted a survey among the millennial generation (those born between 1981-1996) in which 82% of the respondents said a nice sized yard was their number one priority when...

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Time for a New Air Conditioner?

    Have you noticed that your home doesn’t feel as cold as it used to?  Could it be the hotter than normal summer, or the beginning of the end of your air conditioning?  If it’s the former then the changing of...

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Should You Replace Your Water Heater?

Are you eyeing your hot water heater with concern and worry?  Are you asking yourself, just how long do these things last? Have you questioned whether or not a tankless water heater would be right for you?  If you’ve been in your...

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Is Buying a Fixer-Upper Worth It?

  Buying a “fixer-upper” used to be a money making endeavor if you could then “flip” the home for a profit, but in today’s economic market many are using them as a way to save a little on the cost of the home....

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Tips For An Easier Move

It’s that time of year again, moving out of college dorms and apartments.  Or, beginning the planning for moving into college dorms and apartments this coming fall.   The thought of it can be so stressful that you...

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Dispose this not that!

We get a lot of questions about from people wondering what is OK to put down their kitchen sink garbage disposal and what is NOT OK to dispose. You will see all sorts of tips on our Facebook and Twitter pages but we thought we'd round some of those up into one easy list right here. [...]