Top 10 Spring Maintenance Items to Perform

We’ve had an unusual winter this year with Fayetteville seeing more storms than usual. This might have left your home with a few things that need updated or repaired. Now is the time to start making plans for those “honey-do”...

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Can I claim my house repairs?

Home Improvements, Repairs, and Taxes It’s getting to be that time of year - tax time! Do you wonder about the difference between home improvements and home repairs. There is often confusion on whether home improvements and repairs are tax...

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14 Ways to Make Working Out at Home More Effective

    14 Ways to Make Working Out at Home More Effective   With 2020 behind and KNOWING we will probably still be at home more for a while, it’s time to find new ways to stay active.   Working out at home has a lot of...

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HAIRE Roofing Maintenance (for the homeowner)

When you own a home, it's usually your most important and expensive investment. It's important to keep everything working well and one of the most important aspects of your home outside of the foundation is the roof. Now, we know...

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A Very COVID Christmas

Many of us in Fayetteville, NC were hoping to use the Holiday Season as a way to make up for all of the missed events of 2020.  But, true to form, 2020 has thrown a wrench into our plans.  With the COVID-19 epidemic worsening it may be smart...

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Dispose this not that!

We get a lot of questions about from people wondering what is OK to put down their kitchen sink garbage disposal and what is NOT OK to dispose. You will see all sorts of tips on our Facebook and Twitter pages but we thought we'd round some of those up into one easy list right here. [...]