Tips For An Easier Move

It’s that time of year again, moving out of college dorms and apartments.  Or, beginning the planning for moving into college dorms and apartments this coming fall.   The thought of it can be so stressful that you...

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Spring Cleaning

What’s the first thing to come to mind when you think of SPRING?  Okay, maybe not the first thing, but after you start thinking of green grass, flowers, taxes and baseball… cleaning pops up somewhere on your list. This is the...

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Avoid Scams

It seems as if the news is always reporting on some new scam that criminals are using to steal your money.   It’s no longer just phone calls from foreign royalty who for some reason needs money from you.  Nowadays there also email,...

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Bathroom Trends for 2023

  Spending the last few years at home may be the reason that people are looking for ways to improve their surroundings.  Upgrades to your bathroom can be an easy, and affordable, way to give your home a boost.  Though if you...

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Donate! Recycle! Don’t Simply Dispose!

  It’s that time of year when we need to make space for all the new stuff we received over the holidays.  So in with the new and out with the old!   Or, maybe like many people over the last few years you’ve spent more...

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Dispose this not that!

We get a lot of questions about from people wondering what is OK to put down their kitchen sink garbage disposal and what is NOT OK to dispose. You will see all sorts of tips on our Facebook and Twitter pages but we thought we'd round some of those up into one easy list right here. [...]