Drip...drip...DRIP- that darn leaky faucet!

  Drip...drip...DRIP- that darn leaky faucet!   We’ve all been there, trying to fall asleep and the only thing we can focus on is that dreaded sound: drip, drip ,drip. So you get up and you think “I just have to turn the...

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Plumbing Maintenance Checklist

  If you want to ensure that your plumbing system keeps working as it is supposed to, it's important to be aware of the various issues that can crop up. By staying on top of the possible issues you can avoid a huge repair bill and keep...

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Stay Warm This Winter While Slashing Your Electric Bill

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, you can expect to pay a higher electric bill to stay warm this winter. Statistics show that 90% of Americans experienced a sharp increase in the cost to heat their homes last year, with costs...

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Our Friend the Plunger- Not Just for Toilets!

The first thing that most likely comes to your mind when you hear the word plunger is toilet clog. That is because that is what the number one use of the plunger is. But did you know that unclogging the toilet isn’t the only use for a...

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Inexpensive Ways to Beautify Your Bathroom

As the seasons change, it’s always nice to change up some things at home too. There are inexpensive ways to make your bathroom more beautiful even if you can't afford a full remodeling. These are some ideas for getting a new look on a...

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Dispose this not that!

We get a lot of questions about from people wondering what is OK to put down their kitchen sink garbage disposal and what is NOT OK to dispose. You will see all sorts of tips on our Facebook and Twitter pages but we thought we'd round some of those up into one easy list right here. [...]