Donate! Recycle! Don’t Simply Dispose!


It’s that time of year when we need to make space for all the new stuff we received over the holidays.  So in with the new and out with the old!


Or, maybe like many people over the last few years you’ve spent more time at home, and to help pass the time you finally tackled those overflowing closets.  


Or, perhaps this spring is finally your time for a downsizing move and you want to eliminate rather than move unnecessary items.  


Instead of just tossing the old into the garbage, or bringing in a dumpster for your purging, consider donating your items that can still be of use to someone else.  We’ve compiled a few helpful tips for where to take your gently used items.


Household items


If you have clothing, small appliances, toys, and household items area Goodwill is always a great organization to donate items to.  The proceeds that they earn in their stores is put to use helping others, either through employment within their stores or with grants for those in need within their community.


Raeford Road location


Cliffdale Road location


If you have larger items such as furniture, working appliances (less than 10 years old), and home improvement supplies then Habitat for Humanity has Restore locations.  For your larger items they do offer FREE pick-up.  


The Salvation Army  is another organization that accepts donations to sell in their stores.  They currently do not have online scheduling services in Fayetteville so if you’d like to schedule a pick-up of larger donations you can call (910) 483-8119.


Electronics and Hazardous Materials


Best Buy stores have a number of small items that they will accept and recycle for free (three items per day).  And, of course, if you buy a larger appliance and have it delivered they will still haul away the old appliance.


The Ann Street Landfill will also take electronics, as well how household items that are too large for your curbside pickup.  For example, mattresses, old carpeting, construction materials.


If you are cleaning out the basement or garage and have hazardous waste (fluorescent bulbs, oil paint, oil, solvents, batteries, etc) you can drop them off at the Household Hazardous Waste Collection Center. 




If you are downsizing your bookshelves you can stop into a ½ Priced Books and make a little money for your effort, or many local libraries are always looking for donations.


It is always best to attempt to recycle or donate your items rather than just simply throwing them away in the trash, but there are times when that is your only option.  In that case you can contact your local trash hauler for their bulk services or try Bagster for easy pick-up.