How To Repurpose Your Live Christmas Tree

Are you a die-hard “live Christmas tree or bust” kind of person?  If so, do you struggle every year with simply dumping the tree on the curb and wondering if there are better ways to dispose of it in the Fayetteville area?


Well, there are:


In the Garden


Pine needles dry quickly and decompose slowly, making them great moisturizing, and nutrient-full, mulch.  Of course turning your tree into mulch can be difficult if you don’t have access to a chipper.   You can rent a chipper from the local hardware store.  Or, see if your local garden center offers a mulching service.


If you don’t have a garden in need of mulch, many garden centers will take your tree, free of charge, so they can mulch it for others.


You can also remove the boughs of the tree to use as insulation for your perennials.  


You can cut the trunk into 2 inch discs to use as flower bed edging.  Or use the trunk and thicker branches as pathway edging.


If you have muddy pathways in your garden the pine needles make great ground cover to add traction.


And if you go the extra mile to buy a tree with a root ball you can replant it after Christmas… assuming you took the proper care of it while it was inside.


In Nature


You don’t have to rush to discard the tree, you could put it to use outside.  Make sure you put it in a secure pot and let it be used as housing for birds and squirrels.  Hang bird feeders, peanut butter filled pine cones, and suet from the boughs to feed the wildlife all winter.


Christmas Tree Turned Bird Feeder